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Web Application Assessment

Penetration Testing

The Ramparts team has over 3 decades of experience performing threat analysis for critical infrastructure, automotive, and defense systems, and over a decade of experience leading adversarial red team assessments focusing on military and commercial automotive platforms.

Ramparts serves the automotive, medical, UAS, and energy sectors by providing external third-party security assessments of developing and deployed systems.

We have demonstrated proficiency and proven methods to identify, quantify, and target high-profile risk scenarios, develop proof-of-concept (POC) exploits, and develop strategies for effective and practical threat mitigation.

Ramparts additionally serves the financial sector by providing security assessment and auditing serves to cryptocurrency and digital asset management companies. Ramparts services have shown to be critical during pre-launch (design, development, and implementation phase), and post-launch (operational phase) for major established cryptocurrency and digital asset management firms.

Network Vulnerability Assessment

Cyberphysical Systems Hardening

Ramparts follows a 'Building through Breaking' philosophy to serve the global security posture and our clients.

Ramparts provides security architectures and solutions which extend our risk modeling and penetration testing capability to develop persistent mitigations and bottom-up secure architectures for cyberphysical and digital systems.

The Ramparts team and network brings decades of expertise decomposing and hardening safety-critical systems, aerial and ground vehicles, small embedded systems, and C2 systems.

Contributions of the Ramparts team exist today in many commercial systems and critical infrastructure frameworks supporting society worldwide.

Adaptive Penetration Testing

Network Risk Assessments

Understanding the network security profile and how to improve resiliency is increasingly important for protesting organizational reputation, and in many industries is quickly becoming a regulatory compliance requirement.

Ramparts provides unbiased third party network risk assessments to offer network operators the ability to make informed decisions based on critical information about which network assets need additional protection, and how to fund network security improvements.

The Ramparts approach is based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, state-of-the-art analytics, security best practices, and passive and active penetration testing.

Documentation and Remediation

For all services, Ramparts will provide clear documentation of identified vulnerabilities and recommended solutions. Ramparts security professionals will remain available to consult with your company's IT security professionals on our recommendations. All produced documentation will be created and protected as your company's proprietary data.

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