Below are links to research
authored by Ramparts,
as well as collaborative research.

Hospira Infusion Pump


Ramparts has identified a denial of service/resource consumption vulnerability in the Hospira Symbiq infusion pump. This has been issued CVE-2015-3958. ICS-CERT has released several advisories on Hospira's line of infusion pumps.
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Xmind Man-in-the-Middle Vulnerability


Ramparts has identified a vulnerability in the software upgrade process for the Xmind product. This has been issued CVE-2014-2680.
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Exploiting Foscam IP Cameras


Over the last several years IP security cameras have gained wide acceptance for business and home use. In addition to finding CVE-2014-1911, Ramparts identified systemic problems with the network security architecture of Foscam cameras.
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