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Automotive Penetration Testing

Automotive Cybersecurity

The Ramparts team has over 30 years of collective experience providing automotive red team services to the commercial automotive industry and within the federal government. Ramparts principals have served most major automotive OEMs and have a history of delivering successful automotive exploits and risk management strategies to OEMs and Tier 1 Manufacturers.

Specific automotive penetration testing capabilities offered by Ramparts include:

  • V2X Radio Exploitation
  • Vehicle telematics System Exploitation
  • SAE J2534 Pass Thru Device Exploitation
  • SAE J1939 Heavy Vehicle Exploitation

Medical Device Penetration Testing

Medical Cybersecurity

The Ramparts team has performed and published extensive medical cybersecurity research leveraging our Attack Tree Driven Risk Analysis methodology for qualifying and quantifying cybersecurity risk and likelihood of exploitation. We enable medical OEMs and public facing healthcare systems to identify critical cybersecurity risks to their medical devices, and deliver impact analysis, penetration testing services, and vulnerability remediation strategies which allow our clients to prioritize and justify addressing cybersecurity risks in a manner directly correlated to their corporate risk model and bottom line.

Specific medical device penetration testing capabilities offered by Ramparts include:

  • Hardware and Firmware Reverse Engineering & Penetration Testing
  • Wireless Access Interface and OTA Update Protocol Exploitation
  • Distributed Medical Infrastructure Penetration Testing
  • Enterprise Healthcare Network Risk Assessment

ICS/SCADA Penetration Testing

ICS/SCADA Cybersecurity

The Ramparts team has an extensive background performing cyber operations to defend our nation's critical infrastructure systems. Ramparts provides operators and maintainers of Industrial Control Systems and SCADA Systems throughout multiple critical infrastructure sectors with highly tailored system vulnerability analysis and penetration testing services. Our mission is to identify and fix cybersecurity weaknesses in distributed system architectures which if maliciously exploited might result in system failure, public harm, or loss of reputation to our clients. We deliver holistic end-to-end cybersecurity solutions which include analysis, offense, defense, and iterative revisitation to protect our clients for the lifetime of their systems.

Specific ICS/SCADA cybersecurity services and solutions offered by Ramparts include:

  • PLC & ICS/SCADA System Penetration Testing
  • Attack Tree Driven Vulnerability Analysis and Risk Assessment
  • ICS/SCADA Security Architecture Review and Development
  • Distributed Ledger Technology Based Tailored Security Architecture Development

Crypto Platform Penetration Testing

Cryptocurrency & DLT Platform Cybersecurity

Ramparts principals have world class experience developing and red teaming Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) based systems for financial and cyberphysical infrastructure system developers. Ramparts has provided penetration testing services to major established cryptocurrency platforms and blockchain development firms and has a proven track record of successful red teaming operations and architecture development operations for our clients. Ramparts principals bring nearly a decade of collective experience developing DLT-based systems and have unparalleled expertise applying DLT to cyberphysical systems to create inherently resilient security architectures for clients spanning multiple critical infrastructure sectors.

Specific cryptocurrency and DLT cybersecurity services and solutions offered by Ramparts include:

  • Crypto management application reverse engineering and penetration testing
  • Back-end web application infrastructure penetration testing
  • Distributed infrastructure penetration testing
  • Front-end customer portal/web interface penetration testing
Ramparts services have shown to be critical during pre-launch (design, development, and implementation phase), and post-launch (operational phase) for major established cryptocurrency and digital asset management firms.

In addition, Ramparts can assist you with your company’s unique Security Policy requirements:

  • Creation of your security policies
  • Review and audit of existing security policies
  • Assess compliance with global, national, and local standards (NIST SP800-53, NIST SP800-171, GDPR)
  • Technical, operational (procedural), and employee security policies
  • Phishing / Social Engineering evaluation

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