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Adaptive Penetration Testing

Network Risk Assessments

Ramparts provides network risk assessments which offer decision makers critical information in order to make informed decisions on how or if to fund network security improvements. The approach is based on state of the art analytics, security best practices and potentially Ramparts penetration testing.

Our approach takes into account the potential harm that data security vulnerabilities could cause your business. Ramparts is independent from any security product vendor. We discover technical, as well as procedural vulnerabilities. The recommendations a Ramparts network risk assessment provides is a qualitative measurement of the increase in security a particular safeguard might provide. This gives the decision makers actionable information for increasing your company's network security.

Our network risk assessment can support your company's compliance to government regulations for your industry, if applicable.

Web Application Assessment

Penetration Testing

Attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, combining information leakage from one domain to more effectively exploit vulnerabilities in another. Penetration testing needs to evolve to keep pace.

Traditional penetration testing tends to independently assess vulnerabilities, exclusive of each other. Ramparts adaptive penetration testing uses multiple phases, combining information learned across all vulnerability domains into a focused attack.
Ramparts' security professionals can conduct penetration tests acting as a malicious outsider without any prior knowledge about your network, and as an insider who has employee privileges or physical access to your network.

The penetration test will report: vulnerabilities discovered, the potential harm from the vulnerabilities, and recommended vulnerability remediation.

Network Vulnerability Assessment

Product Vulnerability Assessments

Ramparts independent vulnerability assessments will discover product vulnerabilities during design, development, or after your product is on the market.

The assessment will save you time and costly redesigns on new or existing products.

Documentation and Remediation

For all services, Ramparts will provide clear documentation of found vulnerabilities and recommended solutions. Ramparts security professional will remain available to consult with your company's IT security professionals on our recommendation. All produced documentation will be created and protected as your company's proprietary data.

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