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Securing Electronic Health Records on Mobile Devices


Ramparts coauthored, NIST Cybersecurity Practice Guide, Special Publication 1800-1: "Securing Electronic Health Records on Mobile Devices." This draft of the cybersecurity practice guide is currently open for public comment.
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Recon Networks Strategic Joint Venture


We've partnered with VGI in a strategic joint venture, named Recon Networks. This partnership allow us to bring VGI's state-of-the-art Network Monitor in to our network risk assessments and produce evidence based assessments.
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Ramparts partners with NIST in Health IT Mobile Device Use Case Consortium


Ramparts is working with NIST in the Health IT Mobile Device Use Case Consortium to give health care providers a toolkit for protecting and securing health information that is sent and received on mobile devices. NIST does not evaluate commercial products under this Consortium and does not endorse any product or service used. Additional information on this Consortium can be found here.
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